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TEMPE, Ariz. — Jason Kerestes, a student at Arizona State University, in conjunction with the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,  have come up with the 4 Minute Mile — or 4MM — a jetpack that can help soldiers move faster without requiring them to exert more physically.

The jetpack gives the runner a boost in an attempt to shave off time with a goal of running a 4-minute mile. Early testing has shown that even carrying the jetpack equipment, the runner could complete a 200-meter run faster and with decreased exertion.

ASU’s iProjects program completed the project of the jetpack, which weighs about 11 pounds.

“What we’ve done is reduce the amount of force so you’re not able to fly with our jetpack, but we have instantaneous thrust and we can pretty much trigger it to allow for faster movement, agile motion and so on,” Kerestes said in the promotional video.

“In a warfare-type arena this could potentially be the difference between life and death,” Kerestes said. “These devices can really help soldiers to not only accomplish their goals and succeed in their missions but potentially save human lives.”