Mom of 5-year-old cancer patient turns to Facebook to find his lost teddy bear

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CLEVELAND — If you have ever loved a teddy bear, or known a child who does, this story might be too much for you.

When a 5-year-old pediatric cancer patient lost his beloved teddy bear on his 60th trip to chemotherapy, his mother put out a call for help on Facebook.

“It may sound crazy but this teddy is a rather big deal,” Tracy Remme wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

“We’ve done every else but this. We also wrote a letter to the editor and emailed a local news station.”

Remme said her son, who is battling brain cancer, lost his special teddy bear at the Mayo Clinic.

“This is more than a teddy bear, it has been with him through every appointment and every scan and surgery, this teddy means the world to him,” Remme wrote.

The post was quickly shared by hundreds of people.

Within a matter of hours, someone replied to her post, with a photo of the one and only irreplaceable stuffed animal.

The missing bear was reportedly found in the chapel at the Mayo Clinic.

Aiden’s mother said that he asks to visit the chapel every time they go to the clinic.

“This was Aiden the day Teddy was lost,” she wrote, after learning where her son’s favorite bear had been found. “God shines down on my brave kiddo.”

“Teddy was praying for him to getting better and for other Chemo kids with cancer,” Aiden’s mom quoted him as saying.

“Kudos to mommy for thinking of turning to [Facebook] and for realizing the significance. Getting his bear back was such an important thing for for a kid … especially a kid so sick as Aiden,” Rhonday Puetz commented.

Remme later posted an update that that “Tedz” was on his way to meet his favorite boy.

“What I didn’t know is the person bring Teddy home was a local cop,” she wrote. “Well least till I got this picture. Teddy is in a safe spot.”

Remme later posted a photo of Aiden reunited with Tedz.

“I can’t believe it worked!” she said about finding the lost bear.

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