Meet the cousin of the Turducken: the Swineapple

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Burgers, hot dogs, and brats, move aside: there’s a flashier item in town for grill masters and Pinterest fiends everywhere this summer.

It’s called the Swineapple — a recipe that’s blowing up online. We’re hearing that it was first posted on Facebook by a guy named Josh Bush from LaPorte, Texas, and since then, it’s inspired many others to make their own versions, including the photos you see here from the blog Gusface Grillah. It’s become the most-shared recipe on Pinterest this summer.



Here’s the basic recipe: peel and core a pineapple, stuff it with pork, wrap it in a bacon weave, and grill it for an hour. It may bring to mind the Turducken, another meaty hybrid using chicken, duck and turkey that’s most often reserved for Thanksgiving.

The Swineapple may not be for beginner chefs, and might lead to some Pinterest fails, but if you want to tackle it for your next BBQ, you can find a version of the recipe here.

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