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THORNTON, Colo. — Colorado’s newest millionaire wins instant riches through a losing scratch ticket.

The 30-year-old Thornton husband and father got the surprise of his life Wednesday at work,  when the Colorado Lottery showed up unannounced.

It was a slight source of irritation.

“He just kept bringing them home and I was like, ‘You gotta stop,” laughs Allen B.’s wife, Lorena.

Her husband kept buying Monopoly Millionaire scratch tickets at $20 a pop.

“And he had 256 of them,” chimes in his wife. (That’s about $5,000 worth). “Yeah. So that’s why she was getting a little upset,” laughs Allen.

All of them were losers–until Wednesday.

“You just won one million dollars on a Second Chance drawing,’ says the woman from the Colorado Lottery, who presented Allen with an oversized check for $1 million. ‘Are you serious?’” asked an incredulous Allen.

The Colorado Lottery showed up at Allen’s work in Denver as an industrial painter and surprised him with literally a big check.

“I was thinking maybe it’s $10,000 and I started counting the zeros and kept going, and I realized it was a million dollars and it still hasn’t sunk in yet,” says Allen.

But they do know they’ll be responsible with their new found riches: pay off their house, cars and college for their young son.

“I am looking forward to the possibility of being a stay-at-home mom eventually. That would be a dream,” says Lorena.

A dream for his wife. But Allen will have to keep working.

“Afterwards, I went back into work for another hour. And I went to work the next day and the next day and I’ll continue to go to work,” says Allen.

The Colorado Lottery helping Allen and Lorena monopolize the good in their lives.

“I actually had a dollar in my pocket and that was it. We definitely are paycheck to paycheck type of people. So, it’s just a dream come true,” says Allen.

“Try and figure out how to tell my wife so she doesn’t have a heart attack,” Allen tells the check presenter from the Colorado Lottery.

Lorena didn’t have any heart issues–but she did have a change of heart about scratch tickets.

“This is one of those times in marriage, where I have to say, ‘I was wrong.’ And you can put that on the news,” laughs Lorena.

The couple says they got good news from the Colorado Lottery people, who told them to “learn to say no. And call an accountant.”

The family says they expect some people may come out of the woodwork to ask for money. But they say they have already planned where they ‘ll spend it. So, they won’t have any more to give out.