Man pulls off prank on neighbor using wireless printer, gets free printer

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HOUSTON — A Texas teenager tweeted how he managed to “get a free printer” just by pranking his neighbor using a wireless printer.

Before the new year, Blake Messick, 18, of Houston noticed his neighbor got a new wireless printer so he decided to send a message and pull off an epic prank.

“Hello. I am your printer. I have become self-aware. Run,” the message said.

Apparently Messick’s neighbor was so freaked out that the printer was on the curb the next day.

“Update: my neighbor has thrown out the printer,” Messick tweeted.

A third tweet later on New Year’s Eve showed Messick with the printer in his house.

“And that’s the story of how I got a free printer,” Messick wrote.

The story has since gone viral and the internet has both criticized and commended Messick for his joke. Some even told him maybe there is room for one more joke.

Although Messick said the internet fame has been “exciting,” he tells BuzzFeed that he likely won’t keep the printer.

“I’ll probably just return it once all of this blows over,” he said. “I’m sure my neighbor will have a laugh about it once he sees what a sensation it’s become,” Messick said.

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