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DENVER — No matter how much you think you control your destiny, sometimes life has other plans.

Tim Eubank would attest to that.

He was a successful IT guy living the dream in Aspen. He was happily married until his wife took him to court and then to the cleaners.

“It was a very tough time for me. Emotionally, it was a very tough time,” Eubank said.

Enter destiny.

After a costly divorce, Eubank was staying in an RV at Chatfield State Park with his dog, Buddy.

There was a big goose problem there and Eubank thought he might find work chasing them.

“Absolutely, and originally I thought, you know, maybe I can do this part time, on the weekend,” he said.

Six years later, Up & Away Goose Control has been Eubank’s bread and butter.

His employees are five dogs and a sled-like-propelled device Eubank calls “the predator.”

“It’s a remote-controlled goose management tool,” he said.

With tools like the predator and his dogs, Eubank has been chasing geese from golf courses, apartment complexes and businesses.