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DENVER — It was only a matter of time before cutting edge-technology met … cows.

But the 2017 National Western Stock Show has become center stage for the debut of what has been called the “Fitbit” for cows.

A high-tech ear tag created and is being marketed as HerdDogg by founder and CEO Melissa Brandao.

“In a nutshell, it’s really to capture identification and bio-metrics on cattle,” Brandao said.

The ear tag collects data like outdoor temps, the cow’s temperature and the cow’s activity during the day.

It will also notify the rancher when a cow is about to give birth.

“When the activity or temperature go up or down more than the average, then the rancher is alerted to that,” Brandao said.

The information transmitted from the ear tag is collected in a device called the dog bone, which must be located near the heard. And, yes, you can even put it around the cattle dog’s neck.

Gary Lake from Silverado Ranch near Monument has the HerdDogg tags on about 10 of his longhorn bulls and cows, and he says so far he likes it.

For example, when a cow is sick, normally a veterinarian needs to be called in, the cow in question needs to be secured in a special narrow chute, and instruments need to be used to determine the cow’s internal temperature.

With the HerdDogg tag, the cow’s temperature is instantly recorded and available to the rancher immediately. This, in many cases, will negate the necessity of calling in an animal doctor.

HerdDogg is based and manufactured in Longmont.