Identical twin nurses deliver identical twin babies at same Georgia hospital where they were born

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ATHENS, Ga. — As a pair of identical twin girls entered the world, they were greeted in the delivery room by two people who had been there before: Tara and Tori, the identical twin nurses working in their delivery room.

After a serendipitous turn of events, the twin nurses at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center in Athens, Georgia, were able to deliver Addison and Emma Williams on Sept. 25.

Brannan Williams, the father of the newborns, said he was happy to hear there would be twins in the delivery room in addition to his own.

“I was really nervous about the walk into the C-section room,” he said. “And then learning that, I was like, oh, that’s pretty cool. It kind of relaxed me a little bit.”

His wife, Rebecca Williams, delivered the babies three minutes apart.

Sisters Tori Howard and Tara Drinkard have worked at Piedmont Athens Regional for years.

Howard works in the neonatal intensive care unit and Drinkard recently made the switch from being in the emergency room to working in the labor and delivery unit.

When the hospital delivers babies that need to go to the NICU, there are often nurses from both teams present to assist with the delivery.

There must also be one nurse per baby. In the case of the twins, that meant Howard and Drinkard would be needed.

Though they’ve both worked at the hospital for years, Howard and Drinkard had never worked in the delivery room together, Piedmont Healthcare said.

Just an hour before the delivery, the two figured out they would finally get the chance to do just that.

While the novelty of twins being delivered by twins didn’t sink in for the nurses or the parents until after the delivery, the Williamses have since found their relationship with Howard and Drinkard to be invaluable.

Brannan Williams said he has been asking Howard and Drinkard for advice on how to raise his own daughters as twins.

He said he hopes Addison and Emma will be able to appreciate the special relationship once they’re old enough.

“(Howard and Drinkard) have become our friends,” he said. “I look forward to letting the girls know about this one day, and hopefully they’ll get to meet them and keep carrying this thing on.”

The babies are scheduled to go home Thursday.

In yet another connection, Rebecca Williams works at Piedmont Athens Regional as a recruiter, so Brannan Williams said he is sure the family will keep in touch.

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