High school senior making motorized rickshaw for his homeland


Mohamed Idris is building a rickshaw

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DENVER — Some call it a rickshaw. Others call it a tuk-tuk.

Tomato, tow-mah-tow, it doesn’t really matter. For 17-year-old Mohamed Idris, it’s why he’s building it that matters.

“These vehicles can go through any terrain and go through small roads and I feel this tuk-tuk is able to support them,” Idris said.

The “Rik Tuk” as he calls it will be his senior project at his high school, The Denver School of Science and Technology at Stapleton.

He’s hoping his Rik Tuk is a winner. Senior projects range from racing for charity to making documentaries.

Idris’s homeland of Sudan was all the inspiration he needed.

“So people don’t have to walk anymore. Miles and miles in hours everyday just to get from work to home,” he said.

He’s not doing it for money, not for fame, not even for a good grade.

He would just like to help folks in his home country get home from work.

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