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HONAKER, Va. — A 3-year-old dog named Dallas is among the first pit bulls ever rescued from a fighting ring to train as a police K-9.

After about six weeks of training, Dallas will join the force in Honaker, Virginia, The Washington Post reports.

“We knew that his combination of ball drive and his wanting of human praise was the perfect combination to be a police dog,” said Jen Deane, the founder and president of Florida rescue group Pit Sisters.

Dallas was among 30 other pit bulls rescued by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals from a compound in Canada, according to the report.

The dogs were chained to metal stakes and there was evidence of fighting on the property.

He’s now going through training that includes sniffing out narcotics.

“He will save many lives,” said his trainer Bruce Myers. “If he helps take one brick of heroin off the street, that can save 1,000 people. And he will be incredibly proficient by the time he leaves here.”

Honaker Police Chief Brandon Cassell said the town had long wanted a K-9 narcotics officer, but the town of 1,500 couldn’t afford the $10,000-plus needed to get a highly trained dog.

A Canadian rescue group covered the training costs and is donating Dallas to the department.