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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KDVR) — A kitten is resting comfortably at the Dumb Friends League after it was rescued from being frozen to a tire on a semi-trailer at a tire shop on Monday.

The Dumb Friends League said the kitten was found hanging off the side of a tire with her paws and tail frozen to the metal surface at a tire shop.

It is unknown how long the 5-week-old kitten had been stuck to the tire.

According to the Good Samaritan, the first step was figuring out how to free the kitten’s paws and tail without causing her additional pain and suffering. Without hesitation, the gentleman climbed under the semi-trailer and gently warmed the kitten’s paws and tail by splashing warm water on the areas stuck to the tire.

The Good Samaritan said it took nearly 20 minutes to free the kitten as the patron was careful to keep her as dry as possible, considering the freezing temperatures outside. Once free, She was immediately wrapped in a moving blanket and brought to the Dumb Friends League, where she would receive a veterinary exam, nutritious food, and warm shelter.

The Dumb Friends League said the kitten appears to be healthy with limited injuries to her paws and tail.

The Dumb Friends League veterinary team will monitor her for a few days before going to a foster home until she is 8-weeks-old and ready for adoption. The patron who discovered this kitten is interested in adopting her once she is fully recovered.

Without intervention from the compassionate stranger, it is unlikely this kitten would have survived the night, according to the Dumb Friends League.