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LYON, France — Over a 10-month period, a Frenchman called and texted his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times — more than 70 messages and calls a day.

Now his actions have cost him as he has been handed a 10-month jail sentence, six months of which have been suspended, and fined nearly $1,300, admitting in hindsight, “it was stupid,” Agence France-Press reported.

The man, 33, began harassing the woman, a 32-year-old teacher, after she broke off their relationship. The unidentified man has been hospitalized previously for depression.

“At the time, my logic was that as long as she does not return my money, pay me for my work or at least tell me thank you, I would not stop my calls,” he said. “Looking back, it was stupid.”

Said Manuella Spee, a lawyer for the woman: “She tried to block her line, but he phoned her parents instead and her workplace.”

The man stopped calling after the woman thanked him for doing housework during a meeting organized by a mediator.

As part of the sentence, the man will undergo psychiatric treatment.