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HUDSON, Fla. —  A Florida man was arrested on drug charges on Monday, his shirt gave him away.

John Richard Balmer, 50, was charged with possessing methamphetamine and marijuana, WTVT reported.

The photo posted on Facebook by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, shows Balmer being arrested at a K-Mart in Hudson.

He shirt reads, “Who Needs Drugs?” then in smaller print below it says, “No, seriously, I have drugs.”

According to an arrest report, Balmer tried to hand a small bag of drugs to someone standing behind him, but that person wouldn’t take them.

The deputy checked the bag and found small amounts of marijuana and methamphetamine; the witness confirmed it was the bag Balmer tried to hand off, according to the report.

Balmer faces two possession charges, he now has a total of seven arrests in Pasco County, according to WTVT.