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OROVILLE, Calif. — While Colorado was pelted with heavy, wet snow, making for an unusual May day, things could be worse.

In the Northern California town of Oroville, a storm cloud covered the sky over an elementary school Tuesday and rained fish.

According to ActionNewsNow, the tiny fish that fell from the sky were the result of a freaky phenomenon.

Discover Science said it’s possible for tiny sea creatures to be sucked up into a water spout that forms over a shallow body of water.

The sea life is then carried in the cloud, sometimes for miles, until eventually dropping back to the ground.

Staff at the school initially thought the smelly storm was just a prank. Hundreds of tiny fish were strewn on the roofs and throughout the campus.

During recess, the storm cloud again burst, causing people on the playground to be pelted by the wet fish.