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DENVER – The Denver Police Department helped the dreams of a 6-year-old with a terminal illness come true.

It shared the story of Olivia Gant on its Facebook page Sunday night. Olivia is battling a neurological condition.

Officers made the day special for Olivia by giving her own uniform, a ride in a police vehicle with the sirens on and even making an arrest.

Knowing that her time is limited, Olivia made a bucket list when she came home on hospice after being in the hospital for about a month, her mom Kelly Gant said.

One item was to “catch bad guys with police.”

So Cpl. Tim Scudder with the Denver Police Department helped make that dream come true.

“With her medical condition, we called 911 several times. Every time the ambulance comes, the police respond. So that’s become the normal people she likes to be apart of,” Gant explained about her daughter’s love for police officers.

“She wanted to be like the ones that come help her, she wanted to help others.”

Gant said Olivia also has autism and suffers from chronic pain. Olivia is on IV pain medications around the clock.

“She sometimes has no idea who we are as family, but behind the pain and behind the surgeries, there’s always a smile,” Gant said.

Oliva even met with chief Robert White, who named her police chief for the day.

“We pray for each other every single day,” White said. “And I want you to know we are going to keep you in our prayers.”

“That’s what I think being a police officer is all about,” Scudder said. “Making an impact on the community.”

“It will be nice to go home and have another thing check off and put pictures on her wall so we can remember this day,” Gant said.

In February, Make-A-Wish helped Olivia become a superhero for a day. The family has set up a GoFundMe page for donations.