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Timothy Heckler. Photo: Denver Police Department
Timothy Heckler. Photo: Denver Police Department

DENVER — Police officers responded to a report of someone in a “Tony the Tiger” costume spray painting in the 1100 block of Clarkson Street Friday.

The suspect was allegedly spray painting the victim’s home.

Before that, witnesses said the saw the guy in the tiger outfit painting pillars in front of the victim’s home. along with the sidewalk one block to the south.

When officers arrived they found the man, 29-year-old Timothy Heckler, spray painting a dumpster that belongs to the city.

He was still in costume.

Heckler was arrested, and police say they confiscated several cans of spray paint from him.

The story was shared Wednesday night on the police department’s Facebook page, where the suspect was cleverly named “Tony the Tagger.”