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DENVER — Fathers spent the evening learning how to do their daughters’ hair Friday.

The salon can be intimidating if you’re a guy, but not on a night called Beer and Braids. It was Daddy-Daughter night at Envogue Salon in Denver.

Calli Hueble-Bodilis, the owner of the salon, put on the event, recognizing that dads want to get more involved in their daughters’ lives.

“We actually have one on one coaching for the dads..we teach them how to do three different looks for their daughter`s hair” said Calli.

For dads like Tom Reimann, it’s a skill that wouldcome in handy as he helps his daughter Reese get ready for school each morning.

“This is a great opportunity because I don’t listen to my wife when she tries to teach me, so it’s nice to get to listen to somebody else and learn how to do this,” said Tom.

The biggest challenge is keeping the little ones still long enough to perfect their works of art.

Tom says it helps to be in an environment surrounded by dads in the same situation.

“I probably wouldn’t do it if it was just by myself,” Tom said. “It’s good to have other guys who can screw up and laugh about it.”

In just one hour, dads learned three different styles; Then the competition heated up.

“The girls get to show off their hairdo that their dad did for them, and the dad that wins gets a six pack of beer as a prize,” said Calli.

She says this event has become so popular, they’ve had to add more dates.

“It’s so special. It’s way more successful than I ever thought it would be,” Calli said. “Clients love it. Moms love it, dads love it. And it’s such a special memory for the daughters.”

Tom and Reese came in second, but you can tell by their smiles they are both happy with the finished product.

The next Beer and Braid Event at Envogue Salon is scheduled for November.