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TELLURIDE, Colo. — When Waffle spotted a bobcat outside the family home in Telluride, the orange and white house cat wasn’t backing down.

Waffle looks to be a pretty decent-sized house cat, but doesn’t seem afraid to take on the much larger bobcat.

“If it wasn’t for the dam (sic) glass I’d shred you for looking at me that way!” Erik Fallenius captioned the video on YouTube.

Waffle, safely inside the house, hisses and claws at the curious bobcat on the porch.

When the bobcat moves to a different window for another peek inside, Waffle follows and makes sure the bobcat doesn’t try to get in there, either.

The bobcat goes back to glass door by the porch, but Waffle is right on his tail.

We’re pretty sure this cat deserves to be made an honorary guard dog.