Charles Manson’s fiancée allegedly only wanted him for his (dead) body


Afton Elaine Burton and Charles Manson. Burton now goes by “Star,” a pet name Manson gave her. (Photo:

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CORCORAN, Calif. — You only want me for my body! It’s become a common accusation in crumbling relationships the world over.

But how about, You only want me for my dead body? It’s an accusation that seems befit of someone willing to marry a mass murderer. And according to a new report, it quite literally is.

As if the news that St. Louis woman Afton Elain Burton was engaged to marry the 80-year-old Charles Manson wasn’t bizarre enough, the New York Post is now reporting her ultimate goal in saying “I do” was to eventually gain control of the notorious serial killer’s remains.

Journalist Daniel Simone told the Post that along with a friend, the 27-year-old Burton, who is 53 year’s Manson’s junior, asked the former cult leader to sign a document that would have granted the young women ownership of his corpse when he died. When Manson declined, Simone said that Burton and her friend then began devising a plan that involved her marrying Manson, which would grant her ownership of his remains under California law.

Burton’s ultimate plan, according to Simone, was to lay Manson’s body in a glass crypt and charge an entrance fee to view it. However, the once-happy couple’s marriage license expired last week, and Simone said Manson lost interest in the idea of marrying Burton after realizing he had “been played for a fool.”

According to the Post, Burton and her friend could not be reached for comment.

Manson is currently 43 years into a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison after being convicted of playing a role in nine murders. He was denied parole for a 12th time in 2012, with his next parole hearing slated for 2027.

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