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AURORA, Colo. – Dad and Dudes Breweria is hoping its new line of cannabis beers will be a big hit at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival.

The GABF begins Thursday, bringing 800 brewers and 3,400 beers to Denver. With so many choices for visitors to sample, craft brewers are always trying to come up with a way to stand out.

A small brewery in Aurora has come up with a very Colorado solution.

“This year at the Great American Beer Festival we will be serving three CBD oil beers,” Dad and Dudes head brewer Brian Connery said.

Dad and Dudes is the first brewery in the country to produce a hybrid cannabis beer.

Co-owner Mason Hembree said he came up with the idea to add CBD to his beers after a close family member started using the oils to treat epilepsy.

Their first CBD beer, Sativa IPA, debuted at the 2015 GABF. This year, they will serve the same beer under its new name, General Washington’s Secret Stash.

“I was just inspired that General Washington, George Washington, actually grew cannabis,” Hembree said. “This is a revolutionary idea and obviously we need a revolutionary leader to lead the cause.”

Dad and Dudes also added cannabis to two of its other beers for the GABF, an imperial IPA and a cream ale with orange peel. It will serve 10 beers at the event, three CBD beers and seven traditional beers.

Connery believes the addition of CBD does not change the flavor profile of the beers, so cannabis can work with every type of beer.

Dad and Dudes uses one-quarter gram of CBD per keg, which is 2.04 milligrams per 16 ounce glass, according to Connery.

“It’s high in cannabinoids and it’s lacking in all psychotropic effects,” Hembree said.

The CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC. That means the beer will not get you “high.”

“My beer will not get you high. I’m sorry if that’s what you’re looking for,” Hembree said.

The brewery believes CBD does have health benefits that people who drink its beer may benefit from, including settling upset stomachs and insomnia.

Dad and Dudes CBD beers will be available at the Great American Beer Festival. It is also available at the brewery’s taphouse in Aurora.

General Washington’s Secret Stash has been approved for distribution outside of Colorado. The brewery has started a kickstarter campaign to help launch the product.