Canadian sniper picks off ISIS fighter from 2.1 miles away

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TORONTO — A Canadian special forces sniper has set a world record for the longest confirmed kill in military history, the Toronto Sun reports.

The sniper, from Canada’s Joint Task Force 2, reportedly took out an ISIS fighter from a distance 11,316 feet, or 2.14 miles.

The previous record, held by a British sniper, was 8,120 feet, the paper reported.

“This is an incredible feat. It is a world record that might never be equaled,” the Globe and Mail quoted a military insider as saying.

The bullet was reportedly fired from the top of an apartment building in northern Iraq and took 10 seconds to travel to its target.

The record was set using a McMillan TAC-50, the Sun reported. The .50-caliber weapon weighs 26 pounds and is more than four feet long.

Ryan Cleckner, a former U.S. Army Ranger sniper who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, told Fox News the shot was an “incredible” accomplishment that required complex calculations by the sniper’s spotter.

“The spotter would have had to successfully calculate five factors: distance, wind, atmospheric conditions and the speed of the Earth’s rotation at their latitude,” Cleckner was quoted as saying.

“To get the atmospheric conditions just right, the spotter would have had to understand the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure of the air the round had to travel through.”

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