Broomfield wrestler loses 100 pounds and wins state title

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A Broomfield High School senior stunned classmates by losing 100 pounds. But his success story didn’t stop there. The 18-year-old wrestler went on to win a state title.

Ever since he was a little boy, Mason Watt has always loved a challenge. Wrestling came natural to the boy from Broomfield. But long workouts led to a voracious appetite.

“I’d go to a restaurant order the largest meal they had, go home and make something else,” Watt said.

So much that the little 120-pound kid in the sixth grade grew to a huge 325 pound junior in high school.

His mother was concerned. Angelia Watt said she was “definitely worried about his health, worried about him getting hurt, worried about him not just physically but also mentally.”

“Sometimes we couldn’t even be in the same room once the weight started coming off his attitude started changing and we’ve become best friends again,” his father Jake Watt said.

But then Mason grew concerned about his health and performance.

“If someone was lighter than me and they were quicker, it was a harder match for me cause I couldn’t take ‘em down cause they were so much quicker,” he said.

So he went to nutritionists at Good Samaritan Medical Center. He learned his weight was putting him at risk.

Dietitian Adam Cole said that much weight can especially effect younger people.

“For many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, many forms of cancer and Type 2 diabetes,” she said.

So Watt began eating small meals all day. His workouts intensified. In a year and a half, Watt lost more than 100 pounds.

“I was 10 times faster, I was strong, too, because I kept most of the muscle when I was that heavy,” he said.

“(Watt) was really almost unstoppable,” his coach Pat Decamillis said. “He had a focus that was laser-like. It was fun to be a part of and fun to watch.”

At 220 pounds, Watt went on to win the state’s Class 5A championship.

“I’m really happy with what I did, how I did it,” Watt said. “I’m just proud of myself more than anything.”

He’s been accepted to several universities and has even been offered full scholarships. He’s still trying to decide which university he’ll attend.

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