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DENVER — When you’re a little boy there’s absolutely nothing better than football.

“It’s my favorite sport,” said Kademn Todd.

Kademn’s favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, so when he learned the team was coming to Denver he knew Mile High was where he wanted to celebrate his 8th birthday.

“It was really important to him and I was determined to get the tickets,” said his mom, Kayla Lumbert.

However, that’s a feat easier said than done. The game sold out in seconds. Kayla finally found a broker with two tickets, so she bought them for $400 a piece, even though it was much more than he wanted to spend.

She especially thought it was too much money after arriving at Mile High and learning the tickets were fake.

“It was pretty devastating. He was in tears. He was crying and was trying to stay composed myself so he wouldn’t freak out,” Lumbert said.

Amazingly, Kayla had two friends in the stadium who agreed to leave so Kademn could go. The only problem? A stubborn ticket agent wasn’t about to let it happen.

“If you think how much they sacrificed and saved the money to go to this game. It was very special. It touched my heart,” said Patti Barban, the Denver Broncos ADA Manager.

Barban made sure Kademn and his mom not only got into Mile High, but into seats right on the 50 yard line, row 1, right behind the Cowboys bench.

“We’ve all been there, something that didn’t work for our child and you just try and go up and get the lucky person, the lucky person who works at the back window who does this for a living, I love it,” Barban said.

“She just did it out of the kindness of her heart. She didn’t have to do that. It was pretty amazing,” said Lumbert.

It’s a day the family will never forget thanks to a woman they still haven’t met.

“Thank you so much for making his day, for turning a day that could have been completely ruined into the most special day ever, and we can’t thank you enough,” said Lumbert to Barban.