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RACINE, Wis. — Police K-9s face some scary situations on duty. So police in Racine, Wisconsin, is preparing them in an actual haunted house.

A giant fake flesh eating rat didn’t faze Titan inside the abandoned haunted house in Mount Pleasant.

It’s part of his training with the racine police K-9 unit.

“There was one if you step on a certain portion of the floor, there is a sudden rush of air and allowed noise. It really scared me. The dog was fine. He kept moving on,” said David Arvai with the Racine police K-9 unit.

Outside, Dixie looks harmless. Inside, she goes into work mode. She’s trained to find two things — drugs and people.

The haunted house is one of the most extreme environments they use. The K-9s also train in a home on a residential street, a school bus, and out in the woods.

“We have to put them in totally different situations and they have to be able to react and do their jobs in those situations. Every day there’s something these dogs will do where we go like, ‘Wow,’” Arvai said.