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DENVER — For many struggling families the cost of prom, especially the dress, is a luxury they can’t afford but for one local boutique and their only mission is to help make sure that no girl is left behind on prom night.

Bella Boutique is providing free prom dresses, accessories, and more to high school girls who are in low income families. The boutique will offer girls their own personal shopping experience.

In order to qualify for the prom gear, you have to be a high school student who receives free or reduced lunches or come from a referral from a teacher, coach, pastor, etc.

Bella Boutique says it’s about more than just the dress, they want to leave a positive outlook and help make it the best night of their young lives.

“A lot of our girls have never gone to a formal event before,” said Sally Shaughnessy, who is on the board of directors at Bella Boutique.

“They’ve never worn dresses before. So those personal shopper volunteers connect with the girls.”

“It’s a heartwarming experience for me to see the difference in a girl from when she walks in the door to when she’s walking out the door with that dress in her hand,” Beth Billingsley said.

If you’re unsure if you qualify you can call them at 303-656-9665 or make an appointment.

Bella Boutique is also 100 percent volunteer based and are always in need of volunteers.

Currently, they need things like shoes, jewelry, purses, and they also accept financial contributions. More information on how to help can be found on its website.