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BALTIMORE — An Uber driver in Baltimore decided to make conversation with a passenger by talking about the local sports team while trashing the upcoming opponent – problem is he was talking trash to a player from the opposing team.

Los Angeles Chargers star running back Melvin Gordon shared the video he secretly recorded while the driver was praising the Baltimore Ravens and ripping on the Chargers.

The good-natured debate happened a day before the Chargers faced the Ravens in an AFC Wild Card playoff game in Baltimore.

“You see the enthusiasm and motivation,” the driver said, adding that the Ravens would not only beat the Charges, but reach the Super Bowl.

Gordon countered by praising the skills of LA’s quarterback Philip Rivers, tight end Antonio Gates and, of course, himself.

“I think the Chargers got a good running game too,” he said. “I like that Melvin Gordon too.”

The two debated until the end of the ride, when Gordon revealed his identity to the driver.

“Well I’m Melvin Gordon man. I’m the running back for the Chargers,” Gordon said.

The shocked driver of course asked Gordon for his autograph and a selfie, to which he happily agreed.