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GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alberta — A Canadian teenager decided to call it quits at Walmart with a public rant over the store’s intercom system.

The Edmonton Journal reports that 17-year-old Jackson Racicot posted video of his rant to his Facebook page on Dec. 6 as he quit his job at the Walmart in Grande Prairie, Canada, which is about 285 miles northwest of Edmonton in Alberta.

The video has since gone viral.

“Attention all shoppers, associates and management, I would like to say to all of you today that nobody should work here, ever,” Racicot said in the video where he claimed he worked for the retailer for over a year. “Our managers will make promises and never keep them.”

”[Management] will preach to us about how they care about their employees but about a month ago, my boss, assistant manager Cora called me a ‘waste of time,’ and management did nothing,” Racicot said in the video.

During his remarks, Racicot went into a profanity-laced speech that included that he was “sick of all the bull****, bogus writeups, and my job.”

According to the Edmonton Journal, Racicot said he already secured a new job before the rant.

“I got fed up,” he said later in an interview with the Edmonton Journal. “I don’t regret what I did, I went into this knowing what will happen.”

Walmart told the newspaper that they “are looking into this matter and will address it internally as required.”

Full video is posted below. Editors note: Video includes profanity. Viewer discretion advised.