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FERNDALE, Wash. — A precious puppy with a fatal heart condition and a viral “bucket list” is getting another chance at life – by coming to Colorado for life-saving surgery, KCPQ reports.

Logan, a 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy from western Washington, has stolen the hearts of thousands on social media.

Photo courtesy Rescued Hearts Northwest

Not long after he arrived at Rescued Hearts Northwest in Bellingham, Washington, he was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, and vets said he didn’t have long to live.

That’s when his fosters and caretakers at the rescue organization came up with the ultimate puppy bucket list for Logan to live out his final days, like swimming in the ocean, park visits with friends, and an event in which hundreds of people and pups lined up at a local pet shop to give Logan hugs.

When his precious face and bucket list went viral on social media, a pair of Colorado veterinarians who saw the story said they could perform life-saving surgery on Logan. But it was a battle to get him there.

Photo courtesy Rescued Hearts Northwest

Because of his condition, he couldn’t ride cargo on a commercial plane. He also wasn’t able to ride as a passenger in a commercial plane because he couldn’t fit in a kennel under the airplane seat.

The drive to Colorado would have been more than 20 hours, and Logan’s condition and unease in the car made that impossible, too.

With the help of generous donors who have raised almost $20,000, Logan got a private plane ride to Colorado. He has visited veterinarians at Colorado State University and his first surgery is scheduled for Thursday. He’ll need another one after he’s grown a bit.