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DENVER — In Aurora, the number of traffic fatalities continues to go up as the year comes to an end. In 2014, there were 19 fatalities but this year, with a month to go, 25 have been killed in car crashes.

“We are very concerned the numbers continue to climb,” Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz said. “We can only ask motorists to make better choices when they get behind the wheel. With people distracted by so many things, what they need to do is pay attention to what they are doing when they get behind the wheel this holiday season.”

Denver numbers are also up. Last year, 49 lost their lives, while the number through the end of November was at 55.

“When you go to holiday parties, have a plan in place,” Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said. “Take the bus or light rail, take a cab or Uber, declare a designated driver if you know there will be drinking involved.”

Statewide, numbers are up as well, and while part of the increase could be due to more people moving into Colorado, the message from police is the same: Be responsible behind the wheel.