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DENVER — At least 10 students who attend Denver Public Schools have been arrested for carrying BB guns on campuses. The fake guns can look real and DPS is reminding families of the district’s policy.

A teacher at North High School reported a student might have brought a gun to school. Security officers immediately placed the school on lockdown, then on lockout. It turned out it was a BB gun and police arrested the student. Under district guidelines, it’s illegal to carry a BB gun on campus.

In an email to students and family, DPS safety officials write in part,  “Bringing weapons of any kind, real or fake, to school and/or on a school bus is very serious. Additionally, bringing anything to school that looks like a real weapon can create a dangerous situation for our students and law enforcement, as police and security could perceive a serious threat and respond by using their own weapons.”

During the summer, DPS spent $6 million in security upgrades. One of the features included a key-card system that allows officers quick access in case of an emergency. Schools are also equipped with silent alarms.

In light of recent events in Colorado and across the nation, DPS is taking all measures necessary to keep students safe.