For your Backyard BBQ and Block Parties — however YOU do summer! Heather Smith of has the products to try and ‘why’! 

Plain ole water is not enough for CO summer hydration! Maple Water, by Drink Simple — it is ultra-hydrating and comes from maple trees. So there are plant-powered phytonutrients like: electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants. Try in smoothies, ice tea too! 

Nothing says summer like Hot Dogs! The best for you (and tastiest!) … and for the animals, farmers and land!? Niman Ranch Beef Fearless Franks. Made in small batches + smoked over hickory wood, with the perfect spice mix of mustard, paprika, garlic. From small, independent U.S Family Farmers and ranchers who raise livestock humanely and sustainably.

Heather’s favorite summer super snacks swap, Spudsy: the world’s first sweet potato puffs and fries. Totally guilt-free — plant-based snacking — that just might save the world. Get this: each fry & puff is upcycled from imperfect sweet potatoes. They have saved approximately one million less-than-perfect spuds to date!  so it’s a win-win for snackers and the environment.