Today: Train crash death toll grows, Broncos begin, so do storms

10 Things to Know Today

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1. Security video released of Spain train wreck; 5 Americans among 77 dead

The train races into view, and in the space of a heartbeat, the cars derail and crash into a wall of concrete, flipping onto their sides and skidding along the track with terrifying speed and force.

That’s a description of the security footage of a train that derailed in Spain yesterday. The death toll is rising today, with at least 78 dead, including five Americans.

2. Denver Broncos hold first training camp practice

Finally, the offseason comes to an end. Following a disappointing end to last season, many are saying it’s Super Bowl or bust for this year’s Denver Broncos. They’ll embark on that quest with their first practice of the year, which begins at 8:50 a.m. Click here to get the complete breakdown of the Broncos’ entire preseason practice schedule and plan your trip to Dove Valley.

3. Feds continue to investigate CU’s handling of sex assault case

The University of Colorado announced it is under federal investigation for its handling of a sex assault case on campus. The university sent an internal letter to students and faculty Wednesday. We spoke with the woman who claims to be the victim in this case late Wednesday night.

4. Those living in burn scars prepare for flooding

People who live in the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fire burn scares are as prepared as they can be for a different disaster. The burned out areas are prone to rapid flooding when heavy rain storms hit. Thursday was expected to be one of those days.

6. Cool down, storms in store for Thursday’s forecast

We saw a couple rain showers during the Thursday morning rush hour, and you can expect to see mostly-cloudy skies for the rest of the day. Scattered rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for the afternoon and evening, with the aforementioned burn scar flooding a very real possibility. The storms could also turn severe across the Eastern Plains, especially east of Limon and northeast of Sterling.

7. Plan on living in Denver for over 1 year? Consider buying a home

Apartment vacancies are low in metro Denver and rents are high — some outrageously high. That’s why many of the realtors we spoke to yesterday said if you’re thinking about staying in Denver for over a year, you should consider buying a home.

8. Longmont vs. Dillards lawsuit heads to court Thursday

The Longmont Mall’s redevelopment project hangs in the balance as a lawsuit between the City of Longmont and Dillards begins Thursday. The city is asking a judge to grant them immediate possession of the department store, the owners of which have used their covenant veto power to prevent the mall redevelopment project from commencing.

8. Arrest warrant issued in Colorado for Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife

An arrest warrant has been issued in the state of Colorado for Beth Chapman, the outspoken sidekick on the hit reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” According to reports, the warrant stems from the alleged harassment of a teenage girl on July 10 at Monument Lake.

9. Black bear walks into Estes Park bar

Have you heard about the one where the bear walks into the bar? An Estes Park restaurant owner has. See new video of the store’s chance encounter with a furry friend earlier this month.

10. Husband posts video of wife’s tantrum on YouTube

A man posted a mortifying video on YouTube showing his wife having a temper tantrum — all because they weren’t going where she wanted to go. One look at the video, and you’ll realize why it’s no surprise the couple has reportedly split. Have you ever reached a point in a relationship where you thought public shaming was the only option? Click here to weigh in on the discussion on our Facebook page.

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