Today is National Pet Grooming Day


Wag N’Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming shares some at home pet washing tips if you’re not ready to venture out.

While some pet owners are still waiting to get their pup in for a grooming appointment, here are a few tips on how to give your pet a nice groom at-home:
Removing eye goop
With a warm wash cloth, you can whip away from the eye to help loosen the eye goop that commonly builds up in your pups eyes. 
You can also use a damp soft tooth brush to help loosen the the eye boogers and again slowly whip it away. 

It is important to be relaxed when you are doing this to make your pup feel safe. 
Brush your pup to avoid matting 
Curved brushes are good for short haired dogs, metal brushes are better for long haired dogs. 
Brushing your dogs regularly is a great way to desensitize your pup. Make sure you both are in a calm state of mind to ensure your pup feels safe. This can be while watching tv or by a mirror. 
Wag N’ Wash Aurora is open Monday – Sunday from 9 – 6. Our store, along with self-wash and grooming services are open. We also offer online ordering. 

Right now, our Aurora store is hiring expert pet groomers. Applications can be submitted through our website. 

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