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Football season is here and there’s no better time to get the festivities started and save some money as well. From tickets to food, here are three ways to save on game-day essentials from Rebecca Gramuglia consumer expert at

If you’re participating in a tailgate party, you’re likely going to the game and will need a ticket. Look for discounts and compare prices on ticketing sites to find the best deal. Shop through a cash back website, like TopCashback, which guarantees the highest percentage of your money back on qualifying purchases at over 7,000 retailers, including TicketmasterStubhub and VividSeats. Rebecca suggest you use the right credit card. Review the terms of your credit card(s) to see which categories offer the most cash back, points or miles for your purchase. Be sure to use that card for those items. In addition, research the venue you’re attending to see if there are special discounts on tickets or merchandise available for cardholders from a specific bank or credit card provider.

Another tip, plan ahead. The sooner you can begin planning your event, the better. Start by setting a budget for yourself to help you decide what item(s) you can afford to bring to the tailgate party. It’s also helpful to start a group message with all of the people attending to determine who is bringing what. For example, one person can bring a grill, another can bring a cooler and drinks, and so on. Make sure to research the venue ahead of time to know the stadium guidelines. For example, most venues are now cashless but bringing some cash can be useful for any additional expenses before or after the game. 

Also, don’t forget if you’re planning to have a large group of people tailgating with you, consider buying some items in bulk such as food to grill, cups and plates. However, bulk buying isn’t always cheaper. Research the options available for each item and compare the cost per unit to find out which is the better deal. To calculate this, simply divide the price by the quantity.