Tips on spring cleaning your gut with the Fairy Gut Mother


Spring is time for cleansing and detoxing but when we hear the word cleanse we think of fasting or juice protocols which can be difficult to maintain.

The Fairy Gut Mother says you can clean your gut by simply incorporating foods that help optimize the health of the gut, we support the body’s own natural detoxification pathways.

A couple of the best ways to support the gut and the body’s natural ways of cleansing are:

· Incorporate more fiber. Fiber helps to feed beneficial bacteria in the gut which are essential in maintaining healthy bowel movements, supporting body’s own elimination and detoxification pathways

·Foods like leafy greens and cruciferous veggies are great sources of fiber. You can incorporate them into salads like my seasonal Asparagus Snap Pea Salad. Asparagus is a prebiotic fiber so one that is especially helpful in feeding the beneficial bugs.

· Incorporate nutrients that heal the gut lining

·When the gut has holes or “leaky gut” toxins can recirculate into the body which is why during cleansing and detoxing it is especially important to be sure you have a healed gut lining to properly eliminate toxins

·Bone broth

· Full of proteins that help strengthen the lining


· The first milk produced from grass-fed cows contains proteins and growth factors that help maintain the integrity of the gut lining

· Easy to integrate, I like freezing this powder in ice cubes and throwing in my morning ice coffee

The best ways to cleanse this spring is by reducing/eliminating processed foods while at the same time boosting fiber intake and incorporating foods that heal the gut lining!

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