We live in a beautiful state that has beautiful hiking trails, so how do we get to encourage our kids to get out and hit the trails? Saralyn Ward is an author and founder of The Mama Sagas and also mom of three shares some tips and tricks to get the whole family to enjoy the outdoors.

There are many benefits to hiking with the kids, including getting them away from the screens to gaining physical confidence as they hike more technical trails and have to think about their next step.

Saralyn suggest to hit the trails early to beat the heat or in the evening when the sun starts to drop behind the mountains.

When hiking with kids, the best advice is to let go of expectations. Depending on the age of your kids, hikes will look different. Remember the goal is the journey, not the destination. Ward says that some days, you might not actually reach a destination and that’s ok.

Make the kids lead, meaning, give them a say in where to hike or let them take turns in front. However, the mail goal is to make it fun. Play games along the way like ISpy or bring walkie talkies, cameras or nature journals.

But the best tip of all, bring treats, that can go along way when your on a long journal.