All across the US, plans are being made for summer vacations and traveling with a pet can be a daunting and stressful task — for both you as well as your furry companion.

Denver Hounds Town USA owners, Rob Taylor and Phil Camping share some tips for traveling with your pets this summer.

Some travel tips include:

  • Make a Vet Appointment: If you plan on traveling with your dog, it’s crucial to make sure they’re healthy. Your vet can screen for any potential risk factors. Also, if you’re flying with your dog, you will likely be required to show proof of current vaccinations.
  • Exercise! If your dog is in a car or on a plane for an extended period of time, make sure you give them plenty of exercise before traveling. This will keep them calm so they can enjoy the journey.
  • Stick to Your Routine : Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on routines. Try to stick to your normal routine while traveling. This means walking at the same time, feeding them at the same time, and giving them plenty of attention/exercise.
  • Avoid Separation Anxiety. New places and environments can trigger separation anxiety in dogs, whether it be a new home or a hotel room. Always bring a portable crate with you when you can, and leave your pup with a high value treat in his/her crate.
  • NEVER leave your dog in a hot car – even for a few moments. Your dog can’t regulate his body temperature the same way you can. It only takes a few minutes for them to become overheated.