Three Tips to Help Mommy Burnout


Marta Spirk with Marta Spirk Coaching is a mom herself and knows all too well about mom burnouts.

The most recent State of Motherhood Survey shows that mothers are living in an acute state of burnout – 74% of moms reported feeling mentally worse since the COVID-19 crisis began. Burnout is real, and as a mom to 4-year-old triplets, I can attest to that. I would love to share 3 tips that have helped me and my family this season as I strive to be more consistent with my self-care:

  1. Clear communication with your partner: talk about your needs and set boundaries. My husband and I established set hours daily where I don’t have to tend to the kids at all – he’s in charge of getting them up, dressed and fed, entertained.
  2. Use your own time for leisure not just work: it is so tempting to use my set time to work on the house or my business, but choosing to read fiction, go on a walk or watch TV uninterruptedly has helped me recharge tremendously.
  3. Go outdoors: when this crisis started, it was still snowing and now we’re reaching record high temperatures. Still, making it a point to be outside (with family but especially by yourself) to read, walk or just reflect can help increase energy and boost morale.

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