Three simple ways to start showing yourself some gratitude this holiday season


Life Coach, Marta Spirk with Marta Spirk Coaching says that we all need to start showing self gratitude and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the perfect time.

Feeling pride in your accomplishments is such an important part of increasing confidence to reach your goals, especially going into the New Year!

Here are Mart’s three simple ways to show yourself gratitude this holiday season and beyond:

-Start small: think of a SMALL thing you’re proud of having accomplished, like putting the laundry away, making dinner, remembering a friend’s birthday (things we usually think are small, but really aren’t!)
-Remember big achievements: oftentimes we forget to celebrate milestones once the moment is over. Think back to something that you’re proud of that happened a while back: getting a degree, saving up money for a dream vacation, etc.
-Keep a “Brag Book”: “bragging” can have a negative meaning, but how about bragging to yourself? It’s a sign of self-pride! Every day, make a list of 3-5 things you’re proud of, big or small. Keeping it in writing is more effective than just thinking and makes for a more habitual practice.

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