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THORNTON, Colo. — Two men are filing suit against the Pro-Tem of Thornton, alleging, in part, that their 1st Amendment rights have been violated.

The allegations center on Proposition 112, which deals with requirements for new fracking projects.

The men allege that comments they posted on the Mayor Pro-tem’s Councilwoman Facebook page were deleted and/or blocked by the Mayor Pro-tem, herself.

A spokesman for the City of Thornton told FOX31’s Greg Nieto that attorneys are looking at the suit and that the city does not manage this particular Facebook page:

Hi Greg,

I received a voice mail from you today. I’m out of town on work and I’m not able to call back right now so I thought I’d email you.

I’m disappointed in this lawsuit. There’s really no other word for it. I’m disappointed that I had to find out about it from a reporter instead of through the appropriate channels. I’m disappointed that 2 people who are not my constituents (neither live in my Ward) decided to file a lawsuit instead of reaching out to me via email or phone.

I have hidden comments on my facebook page that are insensitive or inappropriate from both sides of the issue mentioned. I’ve always allowed comments from both sides of any issue as long as they have stayed respectful of others.


Jan Kulmann
City of Thornton
Mayor Pro Tem