Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and Catie Wiggy, Licensed Esthetician and Healthy Lifestyle Expert, is sharing this year’s go-to beauty gift ideas. Mom’s will love everything from an affordable DIY spa gift basket – to a surprise couture splurge spend she would never expect!
Some of mom’s favorite gifts are those DIY crafts we made as kids. If your mom loves handmade gifts, create an affordable spa basket with a hand-crafted Exfoliating Sugar Scrub:

½ cup liquid coconut oil.
¼ cup cane sugar
¼ cup raw sugar
10-12 drops of your mom’s favorite essential oil, such as lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc.
1 teaspoon Jojoba Oil
Combine all ingredients until well blended and store in an airtight container like a mason jar.
Include in your spa giftset affordable skincare that mom can indulge in for those much-needed selfcare breaks. Earth Kiss face masks pave the way for a new dawn in Organic Skin Care. Grounded in nature and educated by the original alchemist, Mother Nature herself, the Earth Kiss story tells a tale of Cosmos Organic Certified, Vegan, Uni-sex, and Cruelty-free products, because they know only the best is good enough for your skin.
Check out the Super Naturals range featuring Kombucha, well known for its health-promoting properties when consumed, which has recently been found to help improve skin elasticity and overall skin health when applied topically.
Kombucha works in harmony with the selected ingredients in each mask to Exfoliate with Charcoal, Detox with Turmeric, Hydrate with Spirulina, Tone with Hemp, and Purify with Shitake.
Super Naturals Kombucha & Charcoal – exfoliating clay mask works to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin, slough away dead skin cells, and boost hydration. 
Kombucha & Hemp Clay Toning Peel-Off Mask – Hemp seed oil has developed a reputation as a nourishing, skin-plumping oil that helps rejuvenate tired, dry skin, giving it a more youthful glow.
Kombucha & Turmeric Detoxifying Clay Mask – gently and efficiently encourage pores to release their toxins, while brightening your complexion.
Kombucha & Shiitake Purifying Sheet Mask – Shiitake provides a rich source of kojic acid, which is helpful in reducing the appearance of blotches and unwanted facial marks which could make a visibly noticeable improvement in the appearance of your complexion.
Kombucha & Spirulina Hydrating Sheet Mask – provides a real boost for dry, tired and thirsty skin.
Prices at $3.99 – Available on

Does your mom love a good manicure and pedicure? If so SOPHi allows health-conscious women to have a worry-free manicure. Non-toxic, virtually odorless nail polish that is better than 17 free, because it is free of ALL harsh chemicals! This premium, water-based formula leaves nails healthy and doesn’t cause them to yellow or become brittle. Plus, SOPHi is cruelty-free vegan!

Top Mother’s Day Colors:
Pretty Shore About You – pale blue with a matte finish
PLUM-P Up the Volume – plumb purple with a matte finish
POP-arazzi – coral red with a matte finish
Out of the Cellar – A “cork-twist” on the traditional merlot red…with shimmer
French Latte – Sheer, neutral creamy pink
Prime Shine Seal System – 1. PRIME 2. COLOR 3. SHINE 4. SEAL
This set is a MUST HAVE with SOPHi nail polish. Since SOPHi does not contain harsh chemicals, it requires a few extra steps for durability. When worn according to application instructions, SOPHi will wear like traditional nail polish.

For BEST wear of SOPHi Polishes – Use with SOPHi PRIME SHINE SEAL System for maximum durability, using a blow dryer on low heat between coats to help polish set.
Priced each $9.99 – Available on  

Gift your mom a clean haircare system that will leave her locks looking lushes! Mounia Haircare is cruelty-free, vegan, color-safe and made from organic ingredients, the way clean haircare products should be.

In Arabic, ‘Mounia’ translates to “a wish fulfilled.”  And Mounia Haircare is Ancient Techniques meets Modern Technology – using a science-based technology to focus on amplifying the benefits of all-natural ingredients from Morocco. These specially crafted products target the most common concerns in haircare – increased volume; better shine; less breakage; improved scalp hydration, hair hydration and moisture.
The Duo The duo features the rinse (shampoo) and condition (conditioner) and is just $44
The System The system features the rinse (shampoo) and condition (conditioner) and “Two Drop” Hair Serum for only $69

The Rinse uses Ionic Cleansing™ technology to gently clean hair using the natural magnetic attraction of positively-charged Rhassoul Clay to negatively-charged dirt and impurities. Ionic Cleansing avoids the need for rough scrubbing and unnecessary damaging of your hair in the cleaning process. Benefits: rebalances scalp, gently removes build-up & impurities, softens hair.

The Conditioner/Hair Mask uses Selective Hydration™ technology to provide extra focus on the damaged areas of your hair. Organic cumin & flaxseed oils restore moisture & hydration to scalp and hair. Superhero ingredients, such as biotin, replenish essential nutrients for long-term hair health. Benefits: strengthens & detangles hair, adds volume, replenishes moisture & hydration.

The Serum packed with Argan & prickly pear oils, hybridized with our patented HAPiTM technology, coat each strand of hair to smooth cuticles and restore the hair’s natural protective barrier. Fig extract stimulates hair growth and Squalane provides weightless all-day hydration. The Serum contains no fillers (such as silicone) and every ingredient does work to improve both the health and appearance of your hair. Benefits: smooths hair cuticle, reduces friction, adds shine, provides all-day protection

Mom’s always need good skincare, and no one does Colorado Skincare better than Sanitas.  Locally owned and operated, the female led Sanitas team of eco-conscious, clean beauty experts handles all the clinical research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution in-house in their on-site lab and headquarters located in Boulder, Colorado.

Backed by decades of ongoing scientific research, the award-winning formulas contain highly active, biointelligent ingredients in clinical concentrations created to generate both rapid and long-term results. help mom make her skin health a priority with products that restore, revive, and refresh.

Catie’s favorite Mother’s Day Facial Products include:
Lemon Cream Cleanser – A refreshing and invigorating cleanser with a citrus-infused blend of antioxidants to remove surface debris without stripping or dehydrating the skin. $33.00
Brightening Peel Pads – A Sanitas top seller, the Brightening Peel Pads are a professional strength, at-home peeling treatment that utilizes a triple-acid blend to bright, tone, and reveal clearer skin without a trip to the spa. $74.00
Vita C Serum – A nutrient-rich, antioxidant serum that delivers rapid results with a high potency blend of vitamin C and essential fatty acids to reduce the visible signs of aging while hydrating and brightening. $104.00
PeptiDerm Eye Treatment – A concentrated blend of age-defying peptides and nutriprotective vitamins helps reduce dark circles, diminish fine lines and relieve puffiness. This all-over eye treatment is a multi-benefit, daily eye therapy that targets aging skin around the eyes. $77.00
PeptiDerm Moisturizing Cream – An ultra-rich, intensive moisturizer for dry or mature skin. The powerful blend of peptides help firm, brighten, and re-densify skin to plump, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. $100.00

Want to give mom something over-the-top extra special – check out the BALMAIN® Limited-Edition Love Collection Hair Perfume. A sophisticated, delicate hair mist that boosts the senses and delivers a fresh and harmonious fragrance. Combines the invigorating citric freshness of Bergamot with the woody aspect of dry Sandalwood. $140.00

Also available is the Limited-Edition Love Collection Signature Foundation – The ultimate backstage secret for healthy looking hair with a luminous shine. The combination of Leave-in Conditioning Spray and Moisturizing Elixir provides the ultimate styling surface for any hairstyle. With protective UV filters to protect the hair against the heat of styling tools. $94.00

You can pick up these special Limited-Edition Couture Sets locally at the following salons before Mother’s Day:
Capelli Salon and Spa
Address: 12422 York St, Thornton, CO 80241
Salon Joél
Address: 1610 East Girard Place, Suite 105, Englewood, Colorado 80113
Professional Distribution of BALMAIN Paris Hair Couture exclusively available in Colorado via The Beauty Boxx. To learn more visit