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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — ‘Tis the season for thieves to target your mail. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said it’s dealing with a rash of mail thefts ranging from Deer Creek to Conifer and all points in between.

About 20 people have been hit. In one case, a thief stole someone’s recently mailed credit card, opened the envelope, activated the card and used it to purchase items in the Denver metro area.

“They’re going for anything they can get a dollar off of,” sheriff’s deputy Gordon Neuenfeldt said.

Aside from credit cards, personal checks have also been stolen.

“Have your money done through electronic transfer or a bank or institution,” Neuenfeldt said.

It’s not just single mailboxes being targeted. The sheriff’s office said “cluster boxes,” where they’re all attached, are being jacked open also.

“Whatever someone tries to create and secure, someone else will come along with something bigger and heavier to pop those things open,” Neuenfeldt said.

The sheriff’s office said it’s likely not the same thief targeting people’s mail. The office also said the problem will get worse as the holidays get closer.

Word of warning: Check your mail daily.