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AURORA, Colo. — If you look at Nickelas Gallup, you can’t even tell he was grazed by a bullet. In fact, he was in theater 9 almost a week ago when a gunman opened fire.

The 31-year-old was trying to shield his girlfriend. “I witnessed her getting down behind me in the seat, and I literally knelt down on the floor and covered her,” he says.   

That’s when he got shot. “Then, all the sudden, my head just burned and I felt cold.  It was the blood running down,” he says.

Because both the lobby and parking lot were so chaotic, Gallup and his friends went across the street to Helga’s, where he is a manager.  Neither his girlfriend, nor the other three friends were hurt.

Gallup says he has constant headaches.

 Because he has no insurance, he is trying to figure out how to pay for his medical bills. But he is far from complaining, just happy to be alive.