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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Robert Dear, the suspect in Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs, appeared in court Monday morning. And for those who followed the Aurora theater shooting trial, a familiar lawyer stood by his side.

Daniel King, a defense attorney with the Colorado Public Defender’s Office, appeared alongside Dear as the 57-year-old was arraigned on a charge of first-degree murder and informed he would be held without bond.

Dear’s next court appearance was set for Dec. 9, when he will hear the official charges against him.

King also represented James Holmes, the gunman in the July 20, 2012 Aurora theater shooting that left 12 dead and 70 others injured.

While King failed in his pursuit of a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict, his client did avoid the death penalty, which was sought by the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office.

El Paso County District Attorney Dan May did not indicate Monday whether he would seek the death penalty against Dear, who is accused of shooting 12 people in and around the Planned Parenthood building at 3480 Centennial Blvd. in Colorado Springs.

Three of those victims — Jennifer Markovsky, a wife and mother, Ke’Arre Stewart, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, and Garrett Swasey, a police officer — lost their lives.

May also indicated that while he has been in contact with U.S. Attorney John Walsh, a decision about whether to pursue federal charges against Dear had not been reached as of Monday.