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Leann Ferrell

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DENVER – If you’ve walked around Denver’s 16th Street Mall over the last couple of years, chances are you’ve heard the voice of Miqual Leann Ferrell.

Ferrell is known as ‘Mama Pipes’ and ‘The Voice of the Street.' Her signature style captures the attention of visitors and residents alike.

“I can feel the love coming out of her voice when she sings,” said Rebecca McClellan, a fan of Ferrell’s.

Ferrell has been in Denver for a few years now. Before Denver, she was traipsing around New Orleans playing random gigs.

“Life sucked. Straight up. It sucked for a minute,” Ferrell said.

The woman with the rich voice, spent a good chunk of her life poor and homeless on the streets.

“That can be you,” she said. And it was me. It was me and my children”.

After a few years in New Orleans, Ferrell made her way to Denver’s 16th Street Mall – where she worked as a street performer.

Fellow artists looking to make a buck weren’t friendly or accepting at first.

“Until I opened my mouth and had crowds around me. Then they shut up and left me alone,” Ferrell said with a chuckle.

A singer once silenced by people who didn’t believe in her – found a new voice.

“I heard that voice that leads you and it said ‘on stage’ so I said, I can do that! On stage!” said Henry Graham.

Graham owns a label called 'Images Art.' When he heard Ferrell’s voice, he invited her to join him.

These days, Graham, Ferrell and her son perform in a band called ‘Satin Sound.'

They’ve become a huge hit around Denver – singing for hundreds of people; sometimes thousands.

“There are some wonderful people here in Denver,” Ferrell said.

The woman who once called the streets home embraced something different – and eventually heard her calling.

You can learn more about Ferrell by visiting this website.

Additional Information about Ferrell and ‘Satin Sound’

You can catch Leann as an independent artist represented by Images Art at:

  • Leann Live at Aloft Tuesdays from 6:00 to 9:00 (an open music jam)

You can come experience Henry Graham's Satin Sound (featuring Leann) at:

  • Brik on York on Saturday, February 13th at 7:00 for the Images Art Night
  • Tuesdays in February at 9:00 at Stripped Brik Music/Poetry Jam at Brik on York
  • Wednesdays in February at Brik on York Stripped Brik Comedy Wednesdays, which blends clean comedy, community and music
  • Pat's Bar & Grill January 22nd from 4:00 to 7:00 to revive a blues staple of Denver

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