The Toy Guy’s tricks to a fun Halloween


Many of us are eager to celebrate Halloween this year due to Covid concerns last year. Although, there are still some concerns this year, there are ways to still celebrate and still be safe.

Chris Byrne aka The Toy Guy has some great ideas that lets kids and families enjoy the tricks of treats of Halloween.

There are lots of great costumes, of course. In addition to favorite characters from Transformers, Jurassic Park, Batman, and others, one of the biggest trends in the past couple of years have been inflatables. 

Of course, kids will still want to be masked as they travel around (adults, too), and while that’s kind of easy to do if you’re wearing a character mask, make sure the fit is right and comfortable.

For those who want to stay social distant (always a good idea), the new big trend is what they’re calling “trunk-or-treat.” This is opening up the trunk of your car and decorating it. Kids can reach in and get treats while staying distant. You can watch from the front yard and engage with visitors while staying socially distant.

One of the other big trends manufacturing are looking at is inclusion. Costumes for differently abled kids help all kids participate.

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