The Smart Cookie has some Tips on how to Cut Down your Weekly Grocery Bill

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The Ultimate Guide To Saving On Your Weekly Grocery Bill with the Smart Cookie.

We might be saving money in many areas of our lives right now, but spending on groceries is definitely up, but there are creative ways to save. 

1. Get cashback on essentials with Ibotta

Download the Ibotta app and be sure to use it before you shop to see what items on your list will get you cashback. Look for brands like Kelloggs, Huggies, KIND and Kashi to have all upped their cashback offers right now to help consumers put money back in their wallets 

2. Stretch what you have using apps like Super Cook

Make every last ingredient count by using apps like Super Cook which will show you recipes you can make with ingredients you already have at home. Less trips to the grocery store means more savings. 

3. Try Meal Kits

Buying meal kits ( with all the the pre-measured ingredients and recipes delivered right to your door), while more expensive than buying ingredient from the grocery store can definitively save you time and save you trips to the grocery store where those impulse grocery purchases can add up. 

Look at Brands like Freshly (10% cash back )  and Sunbasket ($12.50 cash back ( who are offering great promo offers for new customers right now. 

4. Eat Less Meat

With current meat shortage there may be no better time to try going meatless one or two nights a week, which can easily save you more than $500 a year. . One of my favorite go-to’s for meatless options is Jillian, she also has a cookbook out with delicious, comfort favorites with so many meatless options. 

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