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DENVER — The Shark Tank for Ganjapreneurs is rolling in Denver this weekend, giving contestants a chance to pitch cannabis ideas to accredited investors for a chance to win more than $10 million in investment capital.

“What a chance this is for anyone with an idea to take non-THC cannabis products to the next level,” said Wendy Robbins one of the co-inventor of the show. We have contestants who have come from all over the world to try out… one is only 10 years old!”

Then there is the man from Key West, Florida who has taken Henry Ford’s idea for a hemp car that runs on plant material and made the Renewal Sports Car.

“This car will improve our carbon footprint for sure,” said Bruce Dietzen, who drove his car to Mile High from Margaritaville.

Winners of the auditions will get help mentoring and coming up with business plans.