The Fairy Gut Mother’s treats for Halloween without the tricks


 Did you know that nearly the entire immune system resides in the gut making gut health the foundation for our health.

According to Carley Smith, Fairy Gut Mother, she says that this time of year with the increase in sweets and sugary food our gut can be damaged by all the pathogens.

There’s good news, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite treats this holiday season. There are a few fun and tasty ways to make your favorite treats with a few simple swaps so they’re more gut friendly.

Fudgy Potato Brownies: Potatoes are actually GOOD for the gut, they are a resistant starch which feeds the good bacteria. Not only does adding potatoes to this make it more gut friendly but makes for the most fudgy decadent brownies.

Popcorn Party Mix: Popcorn is a prebiotic fiber meaning it helps feed the good bugs in the gut! This is a fun versatile snack mix you and use any fix ins to your liking.

MCT Men Gummies: MCT or medium chain triglycerides is basically a condensed version of coconut oil which is antimicrobial and antifungal. Plus, these gummies contain grass-fed gelatin which is helpful in maintaining a strong and healthy gut lining.

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