The Deal Guy has Some Must Haves before Going Back to School


Many schools have either decided not to allow for in-classroom schooling and other schools have still yet to decide their plans. For districts that are opening this fall, the question remains for many families: “If my child returns to in-classroom schooling, what will I need to safely prepare them”?

The answer is a combination of the right essentials that will help your child remain safe, clean and fully prepared. 

Matt Granite aka The Deal Guy shows us some items that you may want to consider purchasing before heading back to school.

Students of all ages need strong disinfectant wipes to pack in their backpacks and lunch boxes. They are essential to wipe down desks, pencils, notebooks and lunch boxes from the possible accumulation of germs. The second is a UV cleaning chamber that can safely and effectively sanitize their smartphones without damaging the screens. (Some UV sanitization chambers also double as a Qi phone charger!) The last is an eco-friendly disinfectant spray device made by Pur Well, that can easily make an unlimited disinfectant spray for 10 cents a gallon. Perfect for a range of surfaces most students are exposed to such as bedroom desks, tabletops, kitchen countertops and backpacks.   

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